In 1965 the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) was formed to represent all motorcyclists. The BMF's successful lobbying defeated such ill-conceived ideas as leg-protectors and the 100bhp limit restriction.

Today we are:

  • A member of government advisory groups.
  • Represented in Europe.
  • A well respected and powerful lobbying Group.
  • Organisers of the BMF Rider Training network
  • The Organiser of Europe's largest outdoor motorcycle show

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The BMF successfully campaigns on issues that directly affect the liberty, safety and security of motorcyclists. The BMF educates and informs - from vehicle security to an online road defect reporting system.
The BMF is active in Europe through FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists Association) and FIM (Federation of International Motorcyclists). We lobby MPs, MEP's, Ministers, Commissioners and Committees to ensure that your views and concerns are heard.


Riders' Rights

The BMF is one of the largest rider group's in the world. As a non profit organisation run by elected volunteers we rely on our members for funding and support. We provide motorcyclists no matter what they ride a voice through specialist lobbyists and a network of volunteers across the UK.
Our objective is to safeguard the rights of motorcyclists from the unnecessary interference by European, National, Local Government and anti-motorcycling campaign groups.



As a member you will be part of an organisation with over 80,000 members made up of individual members and affiliated clubs making the BMF a powerfull voice in campaigning to safeguard the rights of motorcyclists. In addition a range of member benefits can quickly repay your membership fee - befefits such as preferred insurance rates, hotel and ferry discounts, touring advice and even our own Visa credit card to help you pay for it!
Member's receive the BMF's bi-monthly magazine 'Motorcycle Rider' with the latest road tests, interesting articles and campaign news.
The BMF also has a large number of Corporate Members drawn from all corners of the motorcycle industry who support the bmf in all that we do.

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Groups and Clubs

The benefits offered by the BMF attract over 350 affiliated motorcycle clubs. They too, realise the importance of the successes of the BMF for motorcycling today.
Affiliated clubs benefit from a special public liability insurance package, and their members enjoy many of the advantages offered to individual BMF members.
The BMF's headquarters are in Leicester where a small staff administer the needs of over one hundred volunteers, they also manage club and individual membership.
Full time staff are accountable for political lobbying and media relationships


Bike Shows

Being a member of the BMF brings other benefits when visiting our bike shows. For the latest forthcoming dates, visit our events page.


A Love of Motorcycling

The BMF is managed by people like you who love motorcycling. People who want to be able to continue to ride their motorcycles and for their children and grand children in the future.
2010 saw the BMF celebrate 50 years of safeguarding the rights of motorcyclists, if you are already a member thank you, if not we would be glad of your support so join us today.
Membership costs only £26.00 (£32.00 for joint membership ). You can pay via Paypal or we offer Direct Debit too, saving you money on renewals!

Help us to safeguard the rights of motorcycling. Join the BMF to-day by clicking here Join or telephoning 0116 2795112