What to take with you on your motorcycle tour

A checklist being tickedFrom remembering your passport to your shampoo, here are just some of the things you should be taking with you when you tour on your motorcycle.

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Insurance details
E111 EHIC medical form
All vehicle documents (legal requirement)
GB / EU sticker

Maintenance and safety

European breakdown cover
Holiday/travel insurance
Spare bulbs
Litre of oil
Puncture repair kit (eg. Tyreweld)
Hi-visibility clothing
Warning triangle

First aid

Prescription medication (plus copy of the prescription)
Small scissors
Assorted safety pins
Small sewing kit
Assorted waterproof plasters
Cotton bandage(s)

Image of a first aid plaster

Remember essential first aid plasters and bandages.


Adult painkillers (aspirin / paracetamol)
Painkillers for children (eg. Calpol meltets)
Medicine for stomach upsets (eg. Collis Browne's Mixture)
Antiseptic Lotion (eg. Savlon)
Antihistamines (eg. Piriton syrup and Anthisan)
Cough medicine (eg. Benylin)
Sore throat sweets
Anti-diarrhoea medicine (eg. Immodium)
Rehydration solution for diarrhoea (eg. Dioralyte)
Insect repellent and bite lotion
Insect sting spray (eg. Wasp-eze)
Plug-in mosquito killer units
Burn ointment (eg. Acriflex)


Mobile and charger
EU power socket adaptor
Sunscreen and after-sun lotion
Shower gel and shampoo
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Washing powder or liquid
Wet wipes (for hand luggage and main case)
Mobile guide to country zones



Applying toothpaste to a toothbrush

Don't forget your toothpaste!

How to pack for your motorcycle

Packing a colourful suitcase with clothes

Pack carefully and you will be able to take much more with you!

That might seem like a lot of items to take on your motorcycling trip. Feel free to add more or less as your needs require, but don't let the quantity put you off taking everything with you. Below are our top tips to get the most in your bike's bags:

1. Put folded socks, underwear and rolled up belts in your shoes.

2. Protect your clothes from dirt by putting your shoes in individual protective bags.

3. Avoid leaking by decanting your shampoos and other potions into small plastic bottles, then wrap them in plastic bags.

4. Fold your clothes tightly to fit them into smaller spaces. Scrunched clothes take up more room than ironed ones!

5. Place breakables in bubble wrap and pack between soft items.

6. Packing mantra: bulky bottom, smooth top.

We all hope not to lose our luggage, but it’s best to be careful and keep important items and documents close to hand. Avoid packing anything essential in your main suitcase. Particularly personal medication and important documents (e.g. passport and tickets).

Use these tips to make your touring experience more enjoyable. If you have any other tips you'd like to share or think we have missed something, let us know on our Facebook page.

For many more motorcycling touring tips, see our advice page.

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