Local Clubs

Your region is your community within the BMF. They are your first port of call when issues of lobbying and legislation come to mind, but they're also a superb bunch of people. Planning a ride? Want some support for a charity event? Or would you just like to know some more people to go out on the roads with when it's a beautiful day and you want a ride? Or perhaps you're new to riding altogether? Your region can help you get to know like-minded bikers. And what's more, with the NOMC too, you can get in touch with people who ride the same model as you, so if you're a classic rider searching for the part to complete your restoration, or you just want to talk over the virtues of your favoured bike, the NOMC is a resource to be treasured. Of course, if you want to do more to fight the corner of bikers, who represent just one per cent of road users, you could volunteer as a representative for your area. Just get in touch with your Regional Chair, and it could be the start of something beautiful - and very rewarding!