BMF Region 5 London Annual Regional Meeting

23/06/2019 11:30am

Ace Cafe, Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, NW10 7UD


The purpose of the meeting shall be to:

1. Receive written or verbal progress reports from the Management Team, the BMF Council and from the Regional Chairman;

2. Present to the Management Team and BMF Council advice and assistance from members, and enable those members to raise questions about the work and progress of the Federation;

3. Elect, from those nominated, the Regional Chairman and BMF Councillors;

4. Discuss nominations and motions to the AGM of the Federation; 

5. Discuss matters of interest to the region.

Voting at the meeting is only eligible for members, on production of a valid card, who reside in that region or a nominated representative of an affiliated club (these should be previously notified to Head Office prior to the day.) 

The acting Regional Chairman shall have copies of the agenda available.

Region 5 Chairman - Anna Zee (