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Published on 9 September 2016 by Robert Drane


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The ACU/BMF National Road Rally 2016 has almost been put to bed. The event’s committee has had their final meeting and are already looking forward to next year, but more of that later.

Everyone in the NRR is a winner; be they riders, control volunteers, committee members or just (no, no one is “just”) friends and family. Unfortunately however, society dictates that they like a “Winner” so, after looking at various facts and figures, the National Road Rally Committee are proud to announce the Winners of The National Road Rally 2016.


Overall Winner

Mark Sabin

Mark lost just three points on the special tests. He is a seasoned Rally rider having won it previously. I am sure many riders will be asking for his tips on social media and the like for future years.


Oldest Combined

Trevor Pinfold

This is the award for the highest combined age of rider and machine. Trevor Pinfold is too much of a gentleman for us to mention his age; suffice to say, his bike must be very old.


Best Pre-70

John Young

John Young rode his classic Triumph to obtain his Platinum Award. Well done John.


Best Lady

Nicola Davies

Triumph have done well this year; Nicola Davies, the Best Lady Rider, was also riding a Triumph.


Youngest Rider

Yiannis Gopoulos

At 20 years old Yiannis Gopoulos was the youngest rider for 2016. Yiannis also raised funds for Isabel Hospice in memory of his Dad.


Best Three-Wheeler

Peter Hancock

Peter Hancock is another regular to the National Road Rally. Many Riders compete every year, often trying to plan the next event as soon as the last has finished.


Best 125

Stephen Jones

No, you don’t need to be riding one of the big bikes. Stephen Jones proves that to us by obtaining a silver award on his Yamaha 125.


Furthest distance travelled

Roger Lewis

As if the actually Rally wasn’t far enough, Roger Lewis rode from France to take part. Now that’s dedication.


Best Team

Simon Rawlins, Martin Cragg, Chris Bowler

Simon Rawlins, Martin Cragg and Chris Bowler were the Thame Village Idiots. Well done guys.


Best Control


The riders voted Wisbech as their favourite control. All the controls are superb, manned by volunteers of all shapes and sizes! Without the controls there would not be a Rally. Thank you all.

Wisbech Control at the National Road Rally 2016

Spirit of the Event

Ben Crossley

Ben Crossley

This award is given by the Committee to a person who they think has gone above and beyond the “call of duty”. This person can be nominated by anyone involved in anyway with the Rally. The recipient of The Spirit for 2016 was actually nominated by many riders, both during the Rally and afterwards on social media.

Ben Crossley has been involved with the Rally for many years; way back in the 80s as a rider and more recently as the organiser of the Kegworth Control. However, it is for the nifty piece of software that he offers to riders every year that he was nominated.

Once the rally matrix has been released by the committee each year, Ben painstakingly enters all the Control details onto the friends of Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club website and into the route finder. Riders were seen with final print-outs from the site during the rally. In the words of many a rider…..thanks Ben! Check out Ben’s route finder here.


The National Road Rally is over for another year but, don’t worry, the Committee is already onto the 2017 Rally. The dates are the July 1-2 2017 and the colour is red.

No excuses…see you there.


National Road Rally 2017 poster