BMF and Thorneycroft Solicitors announce partnership

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Published on 13 November 2019 by Mike Waters

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The BMF is delighted to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Thorneycroft Solicitors, which will now be providing a legal line which is available to all BMF members.

Thorneycroft Solicitors has a strong heritage of working with motorcyclists, motorcycle groups and organisations, and the new legal line will ensure that more motorcyclists have access to the assistance they need when they need it most. BMF members will also receive special rates from the firm and will have access to the full suite of legal services provided by Thorneycroft Solicitors, including Motorcycle Injury, Private Client, Conveyancing, Family Law, and Employment Law and Human Resources. 

The new legal line will enable BMF members to benefit from Thorneycroft Solicitors’ specialist motorcycle services, which include:

  • Expert legal representation during their compensation claim
  • Roadside recovery following a motorcycle accident
  • Storage of damaged motorcycles following an accident
  • Hire or repair service organised through the member's preferred garage

Commenting, BMF Membership Services Director Peter Laidlaw said: "I first met Thorneycroft early in 2019 at a motorbike show and, through conversation, I reached the opinion that they had a refreshing approach to the world of motorbikes, road safety and young starters. The firm is, of course, a business of solicitors involved in all aspects of law, but they do have a specialist team dealing with motorbike issues.

"I was interested in someone who could provide a genuine membership benefit and be a good asset to the biking world, and I think Thorneycroft fit the bill. Their involvement and support of schemes like ‘Arrive Alive’ ‘Biker Down’, Cresswell Racing Team with their young riders and mechanics, and Belle View Speedway's youth team are all things that fit well with the ethos of the BMF.

"Further discussions with Thorneycroft developed the idea of a partnership and the invention of the ‘BMF Legal Line’ as support and advice for our members. One thing we were keen to avoid is this new service being seen as ambulance chasing, and it certainly is not. Members have a dedicated number to ring direct to a competent person who can offer advice and help, either with a road incident or any other legal issue. We are confident that the Legal Line will be a genuine member benefit for the foreseeable future."

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or know of someone who you believe may benefit from advice from one of Thorneycroft’s specialist motorcycle solicitors, you can call them on 01625 506 697 or alternatively you can complete an online enquiry form on their website and their team will get back to you at a time that is suitable for you.

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Picture credit: Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash