Bike sales bounce back after sharp decline

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Published on 12 August 2019 by Mike Waters

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New statistics compiled by BMF Corporate Members the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) have found a recovery in bike sales last month after major losses earlier in the year.

As the BMF has previously reported, bike sales saw sharp falls in May and June and some sections of the market reported drops as bad as 25.4%. Noticing hesitancy among customers and a tendency to put off big-ticket purchases, industry observers blamed the uncertainty around “Brexit and other political concerns” for the slow-down.

However, July’s sales figures indicated that a small but welcome recovery may be underway. Total registrations hit 4.3% last month, a stark contrast from June’s 11% drop, and sales so far this year stand at 69,381. It remains to be seen if this trend can be sustained, but the reversal of the decline is good news nonetheless for the motorcycle industry.

Mid-weight 125-650cc machines and their barnstorming 25.5% growth provided a notable success story, but the most promising part of the statistics was a 29.6% growth in the sub-50cc market – “potentially indicating that younger riders are entering the world of motorcycling”, as a statement by the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) noted.

Welcoming the news, head of the NMDA Stephen Latham said: “With the disruption of Brexit and the rise in prices caused by Sterling devaluation, dealers remain uncertain about the motorcycle market. However, sales are up 3.1% from last year and dealers are hopeful that the positive trend will continue”.

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Picture credit: Lucas FavreUnsplash