Brexit blamed for bike sales slowdown

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Published on 24 July 2019 by Mike Waters

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“Brexit and other political concerns” are being blamed for a sharp drop in motorcycle sales by the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA).

As a statement by the NMDA noted, “A total of 11,643 machines were put on UK roads last month – 1,446 less registrations than the same period last year.” This is an 11% drop which comes in addition to another fall in sales in May 2019, the BMF has previously reported.

The NMDA also noted that most power bands saw a drop in sales, with some seeing declines as bad as 19.5%, while the 50cc moped sector held onto its general upward trend throughout the year and eked out a 1.7% rise. The 126-500cc band also managed to hang onto growth, albeit just by 1%.

Despite improving weather conditions which traditionally lead to improved sales as well, customers appear to be reluctant to buy new machines and uncertainty over wider political circumstances is getting the blame from industry observers. Commenting, Head of the NMDA Stephen Latham said: “Although motorcycle dealers are still getting plenty of footfall in their showrooms, there is still hesitance from customers who are putting off larger purchases until uncertainty around Brexit and other political concerns have been clarified."

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