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Published on 4 January 2018 by Robert Drane

Our friends at Bikesure have put together this excellent top-10 list of incredible motorcycling Guinness World Records. Don't forget: BMF members can get a fantastic deal on their motorcycle insurance in our partnership with Bikesure!


You can set a Guinness World Record for just about anything. From wearing the most bees to the fastest 100-metre hurdles while wearing swimming fins, each record has its own set of unique challenges to overcome.

Those which focus on speed are sure to have an effect on the human body, and when it comes to motorcycle world records, the physical challenges can be intense. Here are ten of the most incredible two-wheeled Guinness World Records involving speed, and a look at how setting these records impacted the riders who did it.

1. Fastest motorcycle rider swap

Unbeaten since 2001, Finnish riders Lantinen Jouni and Pitkanen Matti broke the record for fastest motorcycle rider swap by changing places on a Honda CBR600 F2 while travelling at an average speed of 140kmh. Balance and core strength were crucial in this manoeuvre, along with phenomenal levels of concentration when it came to keeping the bike upright and moving forwards during the switch.

2. Longest stoppie

In 2012, American rider Jesse Toler rode for 402.42 metres on his Gixxer’s front wheel to set the world record for longest ever stoppie – or front-wheelie. During this attempt, Jesse was bracing not only his weight, but also battling the deceleration forces through his arms on the bars and knees, as he gripped the tank for extra support. For 402.42 metres, Toler’s focus was concentrated on balancing the stoppie using tiny movements of his front brake lever.

3. Fastest motorcycle speed

Guy Martin and Triumph attempted to beat the record for outright two-wheeled top speed in 2016, but failed. The American biker Rocky Robinson still holds the record, having travelled an average of 376.363mph over one kilometre in 2010 with a top speed of 394mph. Sheltered in the cockpit of a Top Oil-Ack Attack streamliner, Robinson was protected from windblast, but the attempt required massive amounts of concentration as well as lightning-fast reflexes on the bike’s controls to stop it from crashing.    

4. Fastest motorcycle speed riding blindfolded

As if hitting a top speed of 164.87mph wasn’t challenging and dangerous enough, the UK’s own Billy Baxter took that record in 2003 while riding totally blind. Baxter donned his blindfold to set off on a 1200cc Kawasaki Ninja, relying on his muscle memory and the open tarmac ahead of him to keep things on the straight and narrow.

It’s possible that Billy Baxter’s record inspired the now infamous blindfold scene from the 2016 movie Nerve, in which two characters act out a dare and ride at around 60mph with blindfolds on. They won’t be breaking any records at that speed, but most would argue that doing any speed at all while sightless is best avoided!

5. Longest motorcycle burnout

Joe Dryden rode 2.23 miles while performing a rolling burnout on a Victory Octane back in 2016. While the challenge itself wasn’t the most physically demanding of the records on this list, Joe did have to concentrate hard on his throttle and front brake application to ensure the rear wheel kept spinning during the entire run. The plumes of tyre smoke billowing around him probably didn’t do much for his lungs, either.


For five more incredible two-wheeled speed world records, take a look at Bikesure’s excellent infographic below:

Bikesure infographic motorcycle world records

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