10 reasons why Britain can't afford to be without the motorcycle industry

10 reasons why Britain cant be without motorcycle industry

Published on 21 May 2015 by Gill


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The motorcycle industry is among the most resurgent in the UK.

Last year it contributed £7.3 billion to the British economy through direct and added value sales and services, with strong signs that the sector is on an upward curve towards the pre-recession days.

‘The Economic Benefits of the UK Motorcycle Industry 2014’, a report conducted by ICF Consulting Services Ltd for the Motorcycle Industry Association, reveals the value of the trade to Britain’s ongoing economic recovery.

Here are 10 reasons why Britain can’t afford to be without the motorcycle industry:

  1. £5.3 billion generated in net annual sales
  2. £2 billion contributed in added value, more than fuel retail (£1.2 billion), call centre (£1.4 billion), performing arts (£1.5 billion) and PR and communications activities (£1.3 billion)
  3. 58,500 people directly employed in 5,700 businesses with a further 16,400 jobs supported by these companies purchasing goods and services from other UK sectors
  4. Tourism related to motorcycling estimated to support 13,200 jobs
  5. More than £1 billion paid in tax every year
  6. Exports amount to around £450 million a year, an increase of 12% in real terms since 2008
  7. NHS saved millions of pounds thanks to volunteer ‘blood biker’ services, couriering life saving products
  8. Used by emergency services to cut through traffic and reach incidents quickly
  9. Addressing transport poverty through ‘wheels to work’ schemes
  10. Signs of resilience. Registrations up by 10% in 2014 with similar growth seen at the start of 2015.

Motorcycle Industry Association CEO Steve Kenward comments:“There are now nearly twice as many motorcycles licensed (and license exempt) for the road than there were 20 years ago and the general trajectory for motorcycle use is upwards. Around a third of all new registrations are for smaller motorcycles, likely to be used for commuting, and we see this as an increasing trend with motorcycles helping to tackle congestion as part of a low carbon future.”

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(Above: The three generations of the Rawlins family are featured in our Spring 2015 Motorcycle Rider magazine.)