All you need to know about the National Road Rally 2016


Published on 29 February 2016 by Tom Wadlow

Many people have asked over the past few weeks, “What exactly is the National Road Rally?” Well it is different things to different people but I will endeavour to explain.

The National Road Rally (NRR) is a scatter rally organised by the ACU and the BMF. That explains it all, doesn’t it? No? Ah, OK lets try again then.

The Committee

The NRR has an organising committee of people from both the ACU and the BMF and members with allegiance to neither organisation, but all are volunteers. The committee members all have their own tasks to complete throughout the year, prior to the Rally. Our Chief Marshal organises the controls while others attend shows, give out leaflets organise the trophies, the website and the Facebook page. There is accounting to do, marketing and administration, the Platinum tests to organise and the final controls to arrange. The regulations have to be scrutinised especially when we change the Rally in small ways each year, and the matrix to be draw up. The matrix? Well, that’s our equivalent of a map.

The Controls

rrThe Matrix is “a map” of all of the controls for that year. There are about 60 controls each year scattered across the country.

The controls are manned (or womanned) by a huge variety of people. Some are one person sat at a table in a lay-by while others have a four or five shift system running through the night. Some supply riders with homemade biscuits and cakes, while others will invite you to join them for fish and chip suppers or barbeques. BMF and ACU clubs have controls as do the Scout movement and the IAM. Riders have been known to miss that elusive Gold award thanks to the hospitality of a single control. Will power, Gold Award or lemon drizzle cake?

Most controls are open from 12 noon on the Saturday until 7am on the Sunday. The final controls open at 6am on Sunday and close at 8am, the end of the rally. 20 hours. It is a long hard night for all of them, yet all come back time and time again. Without them there would be no Rally.

The Riders

The camaraderie, the challenge, riding through sunset and into sunrise, the peace, the amazing beauty of the countryside, places I’ve not been, places I love to go – all reasons we have been given as to why riders take part.

From 120 miles to 540 miles each rider sets their own challenge. Each control has links to one, two, three or four other controls and each link is “designated “ a distance of 25, 30, 35 or 40 miles. This might not be the exact milage between the controls, sometimes a little imagination is required!!! Chose 10 hours or 20, special tests or not. A challenge for everyone, whatever their machine, whatever their experience. Decide on the level of your challenge by going to the NRR web site click on entries and then supplementary regulations.

On your journey during that sunny (we have asked for, and got, for the past two years) weekend in July, say hello to the Committee Members you may meet; some riding the rally, some manning controls and all there to be of assistance. Make new friends on the controls be they riders like you or volunteers helping out. Take your rest breaks in good company and strive to complete your challenge on “the best excuse for a ride out ever”…The National Road Rally 2016.

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