BMF calls for tougher sentences for drunk drivers

bob allaway

Published on 14 July 2016 by Robert Drane


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Bob Allaway (46) tragically died from multiple injuries on October 3 2015. He was the victim of a head-on collision with a Nissan Note at the hands of a driver almost two and a half times over the legal alcohol limit.

The driver pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a just four years and eight months in prison and a five-year, eight-month ban from driving. It is nothing compared to the lifetime of pain Bob’s family will now experience.

Unfortunately, this is another in a series of incidents where killer drivers under the influence have been given significantly shorter sentences than would be expected for other serious crimes.

According to road safety charity Brake,“nine in ten people want criminal drivers who kill charged with manslaughter” and “66% of people believe drivers who kill should be jailed for a minimum of 10 years”.

The BMF comments:

The BMF supports the campaign to introduce increased penalties for road users under the influence of drink, drugs or other mind altering substances.

Lorraine Allayway, Bob’s widow, has set up a petition calling for “tougher sentences for drivers who kill other road users whilst drunk/drugged”.

Please sign the petition here.