BMF Fighting Fund

Published on 10 February 2006 by Gill

About the BMF Fighting Fund

What money goes into it?

Voluntary donations

What do we spend it on?

Any aspect of a campaign which is political in nature and is not covered by any other budget. e.g. we could have used it, if needed, to support the Brussels demo in 2005.

What do we not use it for?

Anything that could be funded by the charitable organisation, the BMF Foundation. e.g. the Foundation helped to fund the IHIE Motorcycle Guidelines. Projects related to aspects of road safety qualify for grants from the Foundation; campaigns to change government policy do not.

Who decides when to use it?

The BMF Political and Technical Services Committee (PTS) Director, normally in consultation with the PTS Committee.

What happens to unspent money?

Since 2004 all money contributed to the Fighting Fund pot stays there. Unspent money simply accumulates. This is deliberate, with the aim of building up a substantial sum, which is then available to fight major threats to motorcycling.


Originally set up to fund the appointment of a full time secretary (“a man who is available during office hours”) back in 1972. The Fighting Fund has existed in one form or another ever since. The Fighting Fund was also the banner under which subscriptions to save the BMF from going under were collected during the early 1980's.

During the 1990s and until 2004 unspent money went into general BMF funds at the end of the year but to allow the Fund to be better focused this was changed so that it became the accumulating fund it is today.

How to Donate to the BMF Fighting Fund

Contact -

Call - 0116 284 5380

By post - Cheque's made out to 'BMF Enterprises' to BMF Fighting Fund, BMF, Jack Wiley House, 25 Warren Park Way, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 4SA

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