BMF looks back on successful National Road Rally 2015

Tideswell 3

Published on 23 July 2015 by Gill

Earlier this month riders around the country enjoyed the 2015 National Road Rally, with organisers already looking ahead to next year’s event.

The National Road Rally (NRR) is a scatter rally run every year by the ACU in conjunction with the BMF. Platinum Award winners will have ridden 540 miles and visited 23 controls within the 20 hour period. Other award winners will have ridden anything from 120 miles to achieve their goal. However, the challenge is a personal one and the award second to the sense of achievement.

NRR 2015 was held in the first week of July and was arguably one of the best  held in recent years. Without sounding too much like a weather report, the sun held out for most of the day and the evening and night were cool, brisk and rather pleasant.

On the whole the Rally Controls were staffed throughout the 20 hours of the rally and the general atmosphere was one of party and festivity. Riders have been generous in their appreciation of the controls and the volunteers staffing them and it is this camaraderie that is one attraction of the Rally.

There were a few breakdowns and unfortunately one accident. But all riders and pillions are now home safe and well.

The official results are now on the website and it can be seen at just a glance that with awards ranging from the top Platinum Award to the bronze daytime, riders chose a route and distance to complement their weekend.

While the official category results are yet to be released, the overall winner of the 2015 National Road Rally is Kevin West, the winner of the 2014 Rally. Well done, again, Kevin, but you do know that there are a number of riders that already have you in their sights for 2016?

The Organising Committee of the National Road Rally would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Riders and Controls for making the Rally a continued success. 

The National Road Rally 2016 will be held on  2nd and 3rd July 2016. More photos from this years event can be found on our Facebook page!