BMF Peterborough sadly no more


Published on 29 August 2014 by Gill

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BMF Membership Services Director Pete Laidlaw writes: Most of you will have heard that Mulberry Group, the company that was contracted as organiser of our shows, has gone into liquidation and as a result the Management Team has made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Tailend event at Peterborough. 

I think this is a tragedy but Mulberry were very supportive of the BMF and were keen to get the shows back onto a sound footing, both on quality and profitability. To a great extent they have succeeded in a very difficult market where there is a great number of competitive shows around, but this difficulty has brought about their current position.

It is sad but true that many companies get into difficulty, but this is part of running a business; there are risks. Mulberry were brave in taking on board the financial risk of the BMF events and we must be grateful for their effort to make things work for themselves and for the BMF who, under the new contract arrangement, had a share of any profits made. There has been some profit sharing under these arrangements although small in comparison to the events’ profits of many years ago. We must remember that it is now a world away from the ‘good ol’ days’ and the show grounds, wherever they are, cost more to hire and take a greater slice of the cake. The May Show and Kelso Bikefest have been a source of profit and are the strongest they have been for years, but unfortunately the Tailend has shown a loss for some time and has eaten into the overall profits.

The BMF is not in existence purely to put on events, but if we do then they must be viable and capable of supporting the real reason for existence, which is to protect motorcyclists interests. 


In his short time with us, our new Government Relations Officer Graeme Hay has gone a long way into developing this further and faster than previously. Let us not forget, though, that we are also here to promote motorcycling and the events go some way towards fulfilling that goal, but, added to this, they give us the opportunity to gather members, both individual and from Clubs, to meet friends and develop our community. As Enzo Ferrari said: “One of the greatest things that can be done is to enable people to get together”.

In my opinion we should continue to run events in one form or another and from here we have the opportunity to make the best of it and re-invent ourselves a little. I believe there is enough reason to carry on; we did events before Mulberry and we will do them again.

We are interested in getting all members to air their views in the debate that follows these unfortunate circumstances. We are looking to the future, with a view to finding and making use of the opportunities before us. In these pages you will see where you can submit your views for the Management Team, BMF Council and the AGM to consider the solution for next year and the long term. It will be a challenge but nothing is achieved without hard work.