BMF welcomes trial of motorway fuel price signs

Fuel A4 final

Published on 7 January 2016 by Gill

Riders travelling on the M5 southbound carriageway between junction 18 (Bristol) and junction 30 (Exeter) will now be able to see how expensive fuel is at five service stations.

Highways England has introduced a trial which will display prices at Gordano, Sedgemoor, Bridgwater, Taunton Deane and Exeter service stations.

The aim of the trial is to determine whether the new fuel comparison price signs are effective in providing useful information to road users, and to understand the impact of improving fuel price transparency on driver behaviour and fuel prices at MSAs.

The BMF welcomes the trials of electronic fuel price signs by Highways England on the M5 in Somerset and Devon. 

BMF’s Graeme Hay said: “Motorcycles have smaller fuel tanks and so need to stop for petrol more often than other vehicles. I welcome these trials because it seems only fair that a rider should know what price a service area is charging, before deciding to leave the motorway to buy fuel. 

“There are many fuel stations very close to motorways offering lower priced fuel and these electronic signs will let the rider make the right decision: it may even reduce the price premium we see in motorway service areas.”

We hope that the trials go well and look forward to the signs appearing on all motorways.”

The signs should be in operation in Spring of this year.

More information can be acquired by emailing