BMW files wireless electric charging patent

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Published on 6 January 2020 by Mike Waters

A new patent application filed by BMW has revealed that the German automotive giant is exploring mobile phone-style wireless charging for electric motorcycles using the bike’s stand.

While wireless ‘inductive’ charging through a pad is usually slower than charging through a socket, it is a convenient option and one that could potentially be built into garages, parking spaces and even street parking areas.

However, previous efforts to develop inductive charging have generally focused on electric cars and they have been complicated by the body of the car being too far off the ground for the current to reach. Rubber tyres rule out charging through the wheels.

However, the humble motorcycle stand can help solve this problem for electric motorcycles because it is naturally in contact with the ground. By building a receiver into the stand, wireless charging could occur whenever the bike is parked over a charging pad.

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