British eco engines to light up Japan's JSAE Engineering Conference


Published on 19 May 2015 by Gill


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Britain will be showing off its world-leading low carbon engine technology in the Far East as firms get ready to exhibit at the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) Engineering Conference 2015.

JSAE is the largest automotive technology conference in Asia for automotive engineers, attracting 80,000 visitors over three days looking at the latest designs from more than 400 leading Japanese and foreign companies every year, including several motorcycle specialists.

High on the agenda is low carbon technology, and among the British-based firms attending are Advanced Innovative Engineering (AIE), Artemis Intelligent Power, MIRA, Nissan Technical Centre Europe, Productiv, Romax Technology and the Manufacturing Technology Centre, all developers of low carbon technologies applicable to a range of vehicles.  

For example, MIRA will be showcasing its Long Range Electric Vehicle (LREV) project, featuring the world’s first automotive application of hydrogen produced on-demand from stabilised ammonia borane.  This technique minimises the on-vehicle quantity of gaseous hydrogen, allowing simple, low cost distribution without requiring a high pressure hydrogen infrastructure.

Manufacturing Technology Centre will be displaying its breakthrough battery which contains 800 fewer parts (down from 944 to 144), making it 30% lighter and 50% cheaper to produce.

All seven companies have won funding from Innovate UK, a government-backed organisation which funds sustainable R&D projects across the industry.

Paul Gadd, Programme Manager for Low Carbon Vehicles Innovation Platform at Innovate UK said: “Having such a strong UK presence shows the real strength of UK technical capability in the low carbon vehicle area, and the demand for this capability in the global market. The attendance of Innovate UK with these companies is symptomatic of the exciting success of Low Carbon Vehicle innovation and leadership in the UK.”

The event, based in Yokohama, is held over three days from Wednesday May 20 to Friday May 22.