COVID-19 Motorcycle Riding Guidelines reviewed for compliance with the ‘Rule of Six’


Published on 25 September 2020 by Mike Waters

In light of the new ‘Rule of Six’ regulations, the Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations (CMO) has reviewed its COVID-19 Riding Guidelines. Only minor amendments were necessary to ensure that the guidelines meet the moral goal of staying safe and of staying within both the actual legislation and also within the spirit and intended outcomes of the law.

The Coalition has removed references to groups of 30 and now refers to a group of six in alignment with the new restrictions. Richard Gladman (IAM) and Roger Bibbings (VMCC) have checked all changes to legislation and advice issued by the government over this recent period of announcements and the Coalition is happy that the revised edition is fully compliant with the letter and intent of all laws and guidelines.

Commenting on the behalf of Coalition members, Chair of the Trail Riders Fellowship Mario Costa-Sa said: “We need to understand what is possible and lawful as responsible organisations who are capable of carrying out risk assessments and equally capable of making Covid-safe arrangements should our members wish. The guidelines must remain the go-to guide for those motorcycling organisations making these difficult decisions.”

Commenting on the behalf of the British Motorcyclists Federation, Chairman Jim Freeman said: “The Coalition is committed to giving riders up-to-date advice to meet the shifting requirements of this government. We strive to be a trusted source, even if the official advice seems to be unclear or even contradictory.”

The revised guidelines can be found here. The member groups of the Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations encourage their members and all other riders to read the guidelines and apply the advice to their own efforts to fight the spread of the virus.

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