Does your bike have tube-type tyres and do you fit them yourself?


Published on 4 February 2016 by Tom Wadlow

Members of the Vincent Owners Club have had occasion to bring a couple of things to our attention with respect to fitting tyres with inner tubes. This is not intended to be an article about everything to do with tyre fitting, just a couple of things to look out for.

One, check the inside of the tyre carefully. If there are any labels on the inside, plastic or paper, remove them. Improbable though it may seem, these labels may chafe the inner tube sufficiently to cause a puncture.

Two, make sure the inner tube you are about to use is of decent quality. There are some very cheap tubes available but these can be of very poor quality, thin and/or with inconsistent thickness of rubber. If in doubt use a tube with a recognised brand name, not the cheapest one on eBay.

The Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club was founded in 1948 by a small band of enthusiasts, an entity that is separate from the company itself. However, Phillip Vincent consented to be its first President with Phil Irving as Vice President. When production of Vincents ceased in 1955, membership had risen to 1,800 and despite fears about the longevity of the marque, the Club continued to flourish and grow until today, when it has a worldwide membership approaching 2,500. There are 30 Sections in the UK and 27 overseas Sections with Members spread across the world from Argentina to Vietnam.

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