Fighting your corner on wire rope barriers


Published on 20 March 2015 by Gill


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Government Relations Executive Graeme Hay reports on the issue of wire rope barriers on motorways:

"In the last edition of BMF's membership magazine Motorcycle Rider, I wrote an overview on the rather controversial subject of safety fences on our roads. In that discussion, I called for the wider use of cast concrete barriers as a means of not only giving motorcyclists a better chance of survival, but also as an example of a wise investment of public money to reduce ongoing maintenance and repair costs, as well as reducing the number of times journeys are delayed by lane closures to repair steel fences. 

"I have continued to follow this subject through while attending the National Road Users Council, where the BMF represents the voice of motorcycling, and it seems that significant aspects of my views may be shared by others leading the development of the Smart Motorways network.
This initiative is underway on many of the country’s busiest motorways and involves the installation of much technology into the road to support and enable use of the hard shoulder as a traffic lane, variable lane and speed control as well as a host of future technologies around vehicle operation and flow management. When this work is done, the entire motorway is overhauled, as the Highways Agency say: “From fence to fence”. In seemingly all of these projects very recently completed or presently under construction, the steel safety fence in the central reserve is removed and replaced with a cast concrete system. Sadly this is not so for those converted a few years ago, when the thinking was different.

"The wire-rope safety fence issue is a long way from solved, but I continue to work to achieve all that I can, on your behalf, just as the BMF always has."