Full scale of motoring offences revealed

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Published on 10 July 2020 by Mike Waters

New research has revealed the most common motoring offences in England and Wales  

The research, which was carried out by True Solicitors, studied official data on motoring offences since 2012Based on offences which resulted in a guilty verdict in court, a written warning or a fixed penalty notice, it uncovered: 

- 15,904,000 speeding offences 
2,666,000 licence, insurance or record-keeping offences 
- 1,587,000 cases of dangerous, careless or drunk driving 
- 626,000 vehicle test and condition offences  
55,000 cases of theft or unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle 
- 40,000 accident-related offences such as failure to stop after an accident or failure to report an accident within 24 hours.  

It is likely that even more offences which were not detected or which did not result in successful enforcement activity also took place. 

The research also found that the rate of speeding offences has been increasing at an average rate of 5% per year since 2011. However, dangerous driving, careless driving and driving under the influence have shown declines, with an average fall of 9% per year.   

This led the authors of the research to conclude that British road users are getting worse, and they observed that: “In the past year of recorded illegal acts, there was a driving offence for every 1 in 10 motorists in England and Wales, compared to an offence for every 1 in 11 drivers in 2011.” 

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