Give a happy thumbs up this August

Published on 26 July 2018 by Robert Drane

Next month, charity IAM RoadSmart will be bringing courtesy to our roads by encouraging motorists to give a ‘thumbs up’ to other road users.

The Thumbs Up For Great Driving and Riding campaign will support IAM RoadSmart’s mission to make us all better drivers and riders, encouraging more positivity on Britain’s roads.

Respecting other road users is vital to keeping the roads and ourselves safe. While the majority of motorists are responsible and demonstrate respect, there is a small minority that do not.

As the motorcycling community, we should embrace the idea to be courteous to others, demonstrating how the majority of riders are kind, just great people. We can help counter the negative image presented in media reports about troublesome riders.

It’s a small gesture which could make a huge difference to how non-riders perceive the motorcycling community.

You can find out more about the campaign by visiting You can even purchase a special Thumbs Up Riders Pack for motorcyclists, available through IAM Roadsmart’s online shop. The money raised will go towards a new vehicle to help promote road safety at events across the country.

So, will you be giving a thumbs up to other motorists next month?

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