Guidance on Caravan and Tent Camping Exemption Certificates

Published on 10 May 2004 by Gill

Touring Caravans, Motor Homes, and Tent Camping on Motor Sport Sites

A LARA GuideNote – revision date 10.5.2004.

Many motor sport events organised under the General Permitted Development Order (the 14/28 day rule) allow entrants and sometimes spectators to stay on site overnight. This is a use of land separate to the use for motor sport itself, and is subject both to the need for planning permission and caravan rally / tent camping regulations permission. But there is a statutory system by which organising clubs can gain ‘exemption’ to have caravans, motor homes, and tents on site for the duration of each event. These rules are quite complex. Depending on the nature of the particular motor sport governing body it might be necessary for each individual club to register, or for the parent body itself to register as an umbrella for all its clubs. The responsibility for ensuring that the necessary authorisation is in place lies with each organising club.

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