Have your say on ‘Future of mobility’

Published on 30 July 2018 by Matt Colley

The Department for Transport has launched a consultation about the future of transport policy which will give Britain’s bikers the chance to make sure their voices are heard in Whitehall.

The open consultation on the ‘Future of mobility’ will gather evidence and views on “emerging trends that will shape urban mobility in the next couple of decades” and what is needed to “help cities harness the opportunities and address any challenges presented by these trends”. Another consultation specifically for rural areas “in due course” has been promised by the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling MP.

With growing interest in autonomous vehicles, the rising popularity of electric engines and the expansion of the Mobility as a Service sector all suggesting that major changes are approaching fast, this consultation will play a significant part in how both central government and local authorities plan and modernise. Therefore, this consultation is a crucial opportunity for the nation’s bikers to make sure they aren’t forgotten and that the future of transport policy is biker-friendly.

Commenting, Mr Grayling said: “How do we ensure that the benefits offered by new technologies are accessible to all? What are the implications of new business models for existing mass transit networks? How might new ways of consuming mobility be used to encourage sustainable, active modes of transport? We want to help innovators and decision-makers navigate questions such as these as they look to maximise the opportunities presented by the transformations in mobility.”

The consultation is open until September 10 2018 and more information can be found here.

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