Highway Code gets First Aid update

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Published on 20 August 2019 by Mike Waters

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The Highway Code has been updated to include new information on emergency care thanks to the British Burns Association (BBA).

Although the latest full edition of the Highway Code was published on October 1 2015, smaller updates are regularly made available online. This update is the third of its kind this year, with the earlier updates for 2019 covering clarified advice for signals on motorways and guidance on handlebars.

The new information can be found in Annex 7 – the dedicated section for First Aid while on the road. Providing advice on “dealing with danger, getting help, helping those involved and providing emergency care”, it was developed to help road users at the scene of incidents until the emergency services arrive and this update was made following new guidance from the BBA.

The Highway Code’s new advice can be found here and the section on burns can be found under ‘4. Provide emergency care’.

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