Hit and run victim receives compensation 67 months after motorbike crash

Published on 3 June 2015 by Gill


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More than five and a half years after being knocked of his motorbike by an uninsured driver in a Vauxhall Zafira, a hit and run victim has finally received six-figure compensation for injuries that could see him need two walking sticks and a stair lift by the time he is 49. 

23-year-old photographer Connor Potkins, from Stanground in Peterborough, was involved in the accident in November 2009 when he was only 17 years old and has suffered from the physical and psychological effects of the incident ever since.

Pursuing a career as a welder at the time,  he was travelling to his course when the people carrier came speeding out of a side road and collided with him head-on, the driver fleeing the scene without stopping to see if he was conscious.

Connor's leg injury has had a huge impact on his life

Connor was rushed to nearby Peterborough GeneralHospital where he was treated for a shattered knee and broken toes, as well as serious injuries to his ankle and foot. He remained in hospital for a month and underwent an operation to repair his broken kneecap.

For the following two years he had to use crutches and a wheelchair and since the accident occurred in 2009 Connor has endured five operations on his knee. Suffering with constant pain, in 2011 he underwent an operation to try to minimise the discomfort and reduce the risks of arthritis developing, however at age of 19 his worst fears were confirmed when he was diagnosed with arthritis in his left knee.

Commenting on the effects of the crash, Connor said: “My life has changed dramatically since the accident. At the age of 17 I had the prospect of earning good money as a welder, but because of my injuries I am unable to carry on in this field.

“Despite having to revaluate what I want to do with my life, I feel like I am finally coming terms with what has happened. I still do not feel I have fully recovered but the compensation, while not healing the physical and mental scars, does go some way to help.”


As a direct result on his injuries Connor cannot kneel down or take part in any contact sports and doctors believe he will require a full knee replacement in the next five to seven years along with even more operations. Medical evidence also suggests that Connor will need two walking sticks and a chair lift fitted in his home by the age of 49.

A large part of the claim was made up by Connor’s loss of earnings as before the accident occurred he was almost at the end of completing his apprenticeship to become a welder.

Following a police investigation in April 2010, the owner of the car was eventually tracked and it was discovered that he was an uninsured driver.