Metropolitan Police buys custom bikes for crime crackdown

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Published on 13 January 2020 by Mike Waters

The Metropolitan Police have announced that they have bought nine modified BMW F750GS-P bikes for specially trained officers to use as part of a crackdown on bike-related crime in London.

The 850cc twin-cylinder machines will be assigned to ‘Scorpion’ officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Venice task force, who will be deployed to deal with moped and scooter thefts and other bike-related crimes on the streets of the capital.

A statement by the Metropolitan Police said: “The new BMW F750GS-P bikes have been tailored to meet the specific requirements of the specially trained officers who will use them. They are uniquely suited to navigate throughout London, even in some of the narrowest and most difficult roads to travel through – their smaller size and lightweight advantage provide agility, giving a clear tactical advantage to officers chasing moped thieves across London’s busy streets. The bespoke specifications of the design have focused on keeping the motorcycle narrow so that it can operate anywhere and access areas where larger motorcycles simply cannot go.”

Commenting, Operation Venice’s Chief Inspector Jim Corbett said: “Although my officers have, and continue, to reduce moped-enabled crime, we are not complacent and know that offenders still believe that they can evade capture... These new vehicles will allow our specialist drivers to pursue offenders. Their lightweight design has been specially tailored to help us reduce moped-enabled crime even further.”

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Picture credit: Johannes Plenio