Northamptonshire – the “motorcycle” county?

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Published on 17 June 2016 by Robert Drane

Northamptonshire County Council has announced that it is determined to be the first in the UK to push an increased use of motorcycles around a county.

The Motorcycle Industry Association report that just 0.4% of all of Northamptonshire’s commuter traffic consists of motorcycles despite the benefits of improved congestion, cheaper fuel costs and getting to work faster.

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The council’s goal is to boost this figure to 3% - aiming to encourage “leisure riders” to start commuting.

John Spencer of Northamptonshire Highways says, “Greater use of motorcycles can bring environmental, congestion and accessibility benefits, particularly on journeys made for commuting to places of employment or education.”

Sharing the same views as Ride to Work Week, the council highlight the benefits of getting to work on two wheels in the video below – with bikes being enjoyable, faster, cheaper and easier to park. They also cite a study that showed if more motorcyclists were on the road, it would be safer for riders and, as we previously reported, if just 10% of drivers moved to motorcycles, the congestion on roads would reduce a whole 40%!

See the video on Youtube here.

The MCIA explained, “A second phase of the project will include looking at increasing motorcycle friendly infrastructure on roads and working with employers to encourage the availability of workplace changing facilities and motorcycle parking.”

Next week is 2016’s Ride to Work Week which encourages riders to commute to work. Events and workshops will be happening throughout the UK, including free GetOn events in Nottingham for new riders to try out riding.

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