Police force debuts off-road bikes

policeman on motorcycle

Published on 13 December 2019 by Mike Waters

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Staffordshire Police have announced the addition of three off-road bikes to their Roads Policing Unit.

Specially trained officers will use the bikes as part of their duties to help crack down on “nuisance and anti-social behaviour” in “hot-spot locations across wasteland and urban areas”.

The force confirmed that the bikes would also be used during high-risk operations, searches for missing or vulnerable people or to respond to reports of crimes such as drug-dealing in secluded locations that are difficult to reach using normal patrol vehicles.

Chief Inspector Mat Derrick of the force’s Roads Policing Unit said: “The rapid deployment and agility of police bikes is a key tool in modern-day crime fighting and helping to keep the public safe with enhanced technology and increased visibility.

“Officers will be able to respond to incidents quickly, and patrol rough ground areas that are unreachable with conventional police vehicles, where individuals may be tempted to engage in illegal or nuisance riding, anti-social behaviour or other criminality.”

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