Positive response to driverless cars, but what about bikes?

driverless cars

Published on 9 March 2015 by Gill

Following news that the government has got the go-ahead for trials of driverless cars in the UK (read the BMF's response here), Venson Automotive Solutions says fleet managers could benefit from considering the future of their fleet. Results from its latest survey* suggest drivers would welcome these cars as an option; 62% of respondents said they be happy to sit back and let their company car do the driving, with many saying it would remove some of the stress from their working day.

The benefits of the technology range from the possibility to reduce road accidents, to improving emissions compliance and easing congestion. The UK has begun with trials in Bristol, Greenwich, Coventry and Milton Keynes, which will look at different aspects of driverless cars, from insurance implications, to public perception.

According to Venson’s survey, respondents see convenience, freedom to work during journeys, better safety and shift of responsibility for accidents, as the main benefits of driverless cars for work. Surprisingly, only 55% of respondents think driverless cars will actually reduce road traffic accidents.

So what do you think? Will driverless cars mean the 'Think Bike' campaign will eventually be unnecessary? Are driverless bikes a thing of the future? And would you go for them if they were? 


* Independent survey of 200 people across the UK conducted by www.gorkanasurveys.com