Potholes redefined as 50% deeper in bid to save council £120,000 on repairs

Published on 10 March 2016 by Tom Wadlow

The defined depth of a pothole could change from 40mm to 60mm in a bid to save money for a local authority in Scotland.

Perth and Kinross Council have released a document detailing areas where efficiencies can be made as budgets tighten as across local authorities throughout the UK.

The 186-page document states a solution could be to “increase the intervention level for defect repairs e.g. from 40mm in road to 60mm and thus reduce the level of reactive repairs carried out. This will require a change in the current policy.”

An RAC spokesperson criticised the potential move, saying that deeper potholes would be more expensive to repair and, of course, even more dangerous to road users.

Perth and Kinross Council does admit that such a redefinition could incur greater repair costs and that it could pose increased dangers to those with visual impairments and mobility issues. It doesn’t acknowledge how dangerous this could be for road users such as motorcyclists, drivers and cyclists.

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