Private parking 10-minute grace period proposed

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Published on 6 November 2019 by Mike Waters

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New government proposals could require private parking firms to give a 10-minute grace period after the expiry of tickets.

It is hoped that the extra grace period, which is part of a bundle of proposals including a new Code of Practice, a crackdown on aggressive debt collection practices and attempts to tackle rogue operators, could help high-street shops.

This step would bring privately run parking into line with council-run parking. A 10-minute grace period for council-run parking was introduced in England in 2015, but these new proposals would affect privately run parking in England, Scotland and Wales as well.

To enforce this and the other proposals, private parking operators found to be in breach of the Code of Practice would be prevented from accessing DVLA data, so making it impossible for them to pursue fines.

Commenting, Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick MP said: “For too long, rogue parking firms have operated in an unregulated industry, handing out unjust fines, putting drivers through baffling appeals processes and issuing tickets to motorists who were only seconds late back to their cars. That’s why we’ve appointed the British Standards Institution to work with consumer groups and industry to write the first ever compulsory Code of Practice for private parking firms. The new Code will restore common sense to the way parking fines are handed out, encourage people back onto our high-streets and crack down on dodgy operators.”

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Picture credit: Andre Iv on Unsplash