Queensferry Bridge: BMF victory for learner motorcycles up to 125cc in Scotland


Published on 19 June 2015 by Gill

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The BMF have won a great victory for motorcyclists in Scotland over the issue of crossing the new Queensferry Bridge [pictured].

Government Relations Executive Graeme Hay has been spearheading the BMF's involvement.

The background
The BMF became aware last year that the new Queensferry crossing, along with the existing Forth Bridge are to be accessible only by motorway.  This meant that riders of motorcycles who had not yet passed their test would be excluded from using these important crossing points and would face a return journey of more than forty miles to use the next available bridge across the Forth at Kincardine.  Although mopeds up to 50cc would be able to cross, along with cyclists and pedestrians this still seemed wrong.   The BMF Government Relations officer, Graeme Hay wrote to the Minister for Transport and the Islands pointing out this seeming anomaly and raising concerns that the situation could be socially detrimental to many, especially young people from Fife seeking education, work and cultural opportunities in Edinburgh.

Graeme has received a letter from Derek Mackay MSP, the Minister for Transport and the Islands which confirms the intention to reverse this position and make traffic orders to permit riders who have not yet passed their test to use the crossings.

Graeme Hay said today:

“I am delighted to receive this wonderful news and I know that this will come a great relief to many of our members who live and work in and around this most spectacular firth.  It has been a pleasure and a revelation for me to work with a minister the Scottish Parliament: this is so clearly a parliament which not only seeks to engage but also to listen, consider and properly respond to the genuine concerns of the people.  Thank you to Derek Mackay MSP, Minister for Transport and the Islands and your team from the BMF and the motorcyclists of Fife and Edinburgh.”

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