Rare bikes found in recluse’s hoard

CREDIT Piero Vincent Series C Black Shadow 1950

Published on 14 May 2019 by Mike Waters

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The unexpected discovery of some of the world’s rarest motorcycles in the hoard of a recluse has astonished the classic bike community.

Found in an industrial building outside Los Angeles after their owner recently passed away at advanced age, the treasure trove includes a 1938 Vincent HRD Series A Twin – of which only 78 were ever built and perhaps only 40 still exist today – the only known surviving 1923 Grigg Blackburne 693cc V-Twin, a one-of-a-kind replica of the Vincent Series D Victor Comet, a 1953 Vincent Black Shadow and a 1948 Vincent Series B Rapide.

It is believed that the star-studded collection and an extensive supply of spare parts were shipped across the Atlantic in the 1960s when their owner emigrated from Britain to America.

The collection is being sold by Liquid Asset Partners of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their CEO, Bill Melvin, said: “Within a day, we were on site taking notes and photos to document this rare find. It was difficult as the bikes were crammed into tight quarters, mixed with parts and other miscellaneous items. It was the personal hoard of a lifetime.”

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Picture credit: A Vincent Black Shadow, one of which was found in the collection. By Piero