Sun-powered commuter bike announced


Published on 11 September 2016 by Robert Drane

Arriving at the end of 2016, is the SunBike the ultimate eco-friendly commuter’s motorcycle?

The SunBike is produced in Korea by CM Partner Inc., a specialist electronics and battery manufacturer with almost 30 years of experience. Everything has been developed to be as efficient as possible: it uses LED lights (not halogens), it’s constructed from a light-weight aluminium frame and even uses a solar-powered charger.

Eco-friendly or not, the SunBike is solely for city riders. The average range is just 60 kilometres (37 miles) – enough to get from A to B but not something you’d ever take on a day trip.

SunBike electric motorcycle and its batteryDespite this, the battery takes less than three hours to charge from empty and you don’t have to heave the bike into your house – the battery can be removed to be charged separately (don’t have electricity in your garage? Not a problem).

We assume that, since the battery is removable, perhaps you will be able to purchase a second to have on charge while you use the other.

But the biggest deal? Solar powered.

Well, so they say. Despite this being the most significant feature of the bike (hey, it’s named after the sun after all!), the manufacturer’s latest information and even product manual provide no details whatsoever.

It might take three hours to charge from a socket but how does solar charging fare on a cloudy British winter’s day?

The SunBike is expected to be available by the end of 2016, priced a little below €4,000. Two models will be available, with the range intended to be expanded in the future.

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