Take the Sharp Rider course to improve your skills


Published on 19 January 2015 by Gill

The Sharp Rider course runs for a minimum of 10 hours over two days and aims to make you a safer rider. The course covers the Driving Standards Agency and Enhanced Rider Training Scheme syllabus. Partially funded by The Road Safety Partnership, the course costs just £20* per person, which is nothing when you consider it could lower your insurance costs over time.

The weekend dates currently available are: 25-26 April,  23-24 May,  27-28 June, 25-26 July,  22-23 August and 26-27 September.

The course can be tailored to your needs, but basically provides an introduction to advanced riding techniques, covering cornering, overtaking, braking and many other essential skills to become a safer rider. 

For further information contact, Mike Abbott at info@sharprider.co.uk or Rodger Williamson at rlwservicesltd@yahoo.co.uk, tel:  07903261199. Alternatively, visit the website www.sharprider.co.uk 

(*Discounted for riders living/working in Leicestershire and Rutland, full cost £90. Weekend courses are based at The Leicestershire Fire and Rescue HQ, Birstall, LE4 3BU).