Teens on two wheels


Published on 15 August 2014 by Gill

A recent report by MCN stated that the new motorcycle licensing rules – 3DLD – have caused a massive drop in young riders taking their tests, but is this the whole story?

The numbers certainly look unfavourable, with the report saying: “the number of 18-year-olds who completed the practical motorcycle test in 2013 to 2014 has plummeted to just 216 from 3,300 the previous year.” MCN suggests the reason for this is “the fact there is little point in an 18-year-old taking a test because it makes no difference to the bike they can ride; they may as well wait a year and stick with the 125cc machine they currently have.”

However, the BMF have spoken to the MCIA, who explained the figures: “It’s still a little early to say if 3DLD will affect young people taking licensing in the long term and what new patterns, if any for young riders, will emerge. There’s been a lot of negative press about 3DLD because people tried to explain all the changes at once, when all you need to know is what affects you. From the age of 19 onwards you can access some pretty exciting bikes with an A2 licence and we really need to get that message out. For people 24 and over, nothing has changed. There is also a great choice of 125cc bikes, many of which are replicas of bigger bikes. Regardless of the size of bike you are riding, if you enjoy it, that will stay with you for life.”

The above quotation from MCIA is an extract from the BMF’s interview with young bikers, where we asked them what they really think about 3DLD – check it out in the Autumn 2014 issue!