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Published on 15 March 2018 by Robert Drane

In this time of funding cuts, legislation changes and radical new technologies, the safety and freedom we have to ride is constantly under threat. We are all in the dark about how autonomous and connected vehicles will transform the world around us, and let’s not forget how motorcyclists are so often ‘forgotten’ in many transport policies.

However, the BMF exists to educate, advise and protect every motorcyclist on our roads, so we can continue to enjoy doing what we love. It’s clear that our persistent lobbying work is achieving visible results.

The BMF’s lobbying successes are the work of a specialist team of committed, amazing volunteers. They attend hours upon hours of meetings and working groups, meticulously scrutinise the latest government consultations and provide expert insight to those responsible for our roads. Here’s a summary of just some of the BMF’s recent work…


London’s new Transport Strategy

The Draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy set out plans to transform the capital, so it can cope for future growth while improving air quality. The 150-page document included some welcome provisions for motorcyclists – such as funding for rider training and guidelines for new street designs. However, outside road safety, motorcycles were not fully integrated into the strategy.

The BMF has responded to this consultation and Anna Zee, BMF Political and Technical Services Director, has further inquired into Transport for London’s work by representing riders at the Greater London Assembly Transport Committee.

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Protecting riders nationally

Highways England has also been a big feature of the BMF’s work, with Anna involved in the Motorcycle Working Group. Graeme Hay, the BMF’s former Government Relations Executive, has also been representing riders’ interests in a dedicated Highways Engineering working group on infrastructure and road design guidelines. All of these have been primarily looking at improving road safety for the UK’s motorcyclists, both now and in the future.


A watchful eye on technology

As a registered EU lobbyist with the relevant technical expertise, Anna Zee has been highly involved representing FEMA in the recent EU report into Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). C-ITS Platform Phase II was delivered in September – the culmination of three years work and dozens of meetings, almost all of which Anna has attended.

Anna’s work successfully led to the inclusion of two important road safety recommendations – one regarding the Type Approval of C-ITS and the other about the risks of both connected and unconnected vehicles sharing roads. C-ITS vehicles may arrive on our roads as early as 2019, so it’s imperative considerations for motorcyclists are actioned now.

Learn more about C-ITS and how it will affect motorcyclists here.

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A unified voice

The BMF continues to be a highly active voice within many transport strategy and safety organisations, and its work has been fundamental to bringing prominence to motorcyclists throughout the UK and Europe.

During the last few months, the BMF has not only been involved in the topics above, but its voice has been represented in meetings with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Working Group and within local communities.

As a BMF member, you get to say how the BMF is run and what issues it tackles. If you notice something affecting the freedom or safety of motorcyclists – whether at a local, national or international level – we want to know. Find your local BMF representative’s contact details here.

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