THINK! Never too good campaign a success


Published on 5 January 2015 by Gill

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Analysis of THINK!’s ‘Never too good’ campaign (reported by the BMF here), which ran between August and October last year, has shown improvements in attitudes towards further training.

The film series showed World Superbike Rider, Chaz Davies, completing further training alongside comedian Alan Davies and a group of eight regular riders.

The key message (you’re never too good to be better rider) was clearly understood among riders and the campaign was well received by the biking community. Of those polled, 66% agreed they liked the style of the videos and 45% said the videos made further training look like fun. The campaign also received lots of positive comments on the THINK! BIKER Facebook page.

Graeme Hay, BMF’s Government Relations Executive, commented: “I was delighted to see that this THINK! campaign was so well received by many riders.  I am sure that the very different riding background of the contributors kept many of us interested in this important message and Alan Davies is always very funny. 

“We will be featuring advanced training in the spring edition of Rider magazine, along with updates on our continuing work on the wearing or removal of helmets on petrol station forecourts, the London Ultra-low Emission Zone charges and the next FEMA meeting.”