Uneven motorcycle test pass rates revealed

Published on 2 August 2018 by Matt Colley

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A new survey has revealed huge differences in pass rates for motorcycle tests in different parts of the country.

The Module 1 off-road test has a national average pass rate of 71.9%. However, the 56.3% pass rate at Steeton in West Yorkshire is the lowest in the UK, suggesting that the instructors there take a much harder line than their counterparts in Stornoway, which has the highest pass rate in the UK at 87.9%.

Meanwhile, the Module 2 test with its on-road, eyesight and general questioning components saw a national average of 71.3%. The survey’s findings reveal that Glasgow’s Shieldhall and its 50.1% pass rate is the lowest in the UK, with Peterhead’s 92.3% pass rate being the highest.

With both modules combined, the easiest place to pass both in the UK is Stornoway with its pass rate of 88.1%. Meanwhile, anyone doing their test in Glasgow’s Shieldhall is in for a tough time – only 58.3% of riders pass both modules.

The survey by wewantyourmotorbike.com was based on data compiled by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency during 2017-2018. You can find out if your local test centre is one of the easiest or one of the toughest centres in the UK here.

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