Uproar as Brussels motorcycle ban proposed

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Published on 29 October 2019 by Mike Waters

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A study on banning motorcycles and scooters in the city of Brussels to reduce emissions has prompted widespread criticism by motoring groups.

Brussels Environment, the official agency tasked with managing environmental and energy-related matters within the region of the Belgian capital, has announced that it will study emissions by Powered Two-Wheelers throughout next year before it comes to a decision on whether to ban motorcycles and scooters within the local low emissions zone.

Motoring groups have objected strongly to the announcement, and the Belgian Federation of Automobile and Cycle Industries (FEBIAC) deemed it “pure provocation”. Others, however, were baffled by the move and La Dernière Heure noted that motorcycles were responsible for just 6% of carbon dioxide emissions and 0.2% of nitrogen emissions in the city.

Commenting, Chairman of FEBIAC Phillipe Dehennin told Het Laatste Nieuws: “This kind of reasoning is simplistic because it targets a minority of the road users and because it has been proven that daily traffic jams could be reduced with 40% if only 10% of drivers would choose a motorcycle instead of a car. We invite the Region to look at mobility in a different way instead of announcing a ban.”

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Picture credit: Marius BadstuberUnsplash