Warning over road sign visibility

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Published on 13 July 2020 by Mike Waters

Road users are being warned to take extra care due to the risks posed by obscured road signs. 

With local authorities stretched by the COVID-19 pandemic and generally good weather over the spring and summer this year, overgrown vegetation blocking or complicating line of sight to road signs may be an additional hazard to keep in mind.  

Commenting, GEM Motoring Assist Chief Executive Neil Worth said: “If you can’t see a sign, then your ability to make safe decisions is compromised, especially if you’re on unfamiliar roads. Nourished by recent rain, vegetation at this time of year tends to be at its most prolific, meaning more and more signs risk being partially or completely covered. It’s a growing menace that puts road users at risk.  

“We can help highways authorities and local councils to know where the problems are by using the reporting facilities the provide. It is vital for road safety that trees, bushes and branches are not allowed to obscure important information, and that everyone using the roads has a clear view of speed limit and other signs.” 

The process for reporting obscured roads signs depends on where you are. People in England and Wales can use this official website to be directed to the appropriate local authority, while people in Northern Ireland can use this Direct Government website. In Scotland, motorways and trunk roads are within the jurisdiction of Transport Scotland while other public roads are administered by local authorities.  

Transport Focus also have a dedicated page on their website for reporting damaged/obscured road signs here, and you can find out more about their ongoing Sort My Sign campaign here too.

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