Welcome to the Spring edition of BMF’s Motorcycle Rider magazine


Published on 16 March 2016 by Tom Wadlow

This issue includes the Electric Special – 11 pages covering the electric motorcycle industry and where consumer appetite, a road test of the new Zero, drag racers, off-road and more.

Also in this issue we have details of all of the latest news from the motorcycle. Lobby. From manhole surfacing and testing light segregation wands to smart traffic lights – we’re making riding safer for you.

Rider looks at Fosse Riders, the Millom Bike Group and the Widows’ Sons. We speak to new Chair Jim Freeman who certainly doesn’t mince his words about his plans for the future of the motorcycle lobby.

We take a look at the awesome new Norton Dominator, get trained up at the i2iAcademy and announce the details of BMF’s new 2016 shows!

Motorcycle Ride is the quarterly magazine that goes to Individual Members of the BMF and Chairs of Affiliated Clubs.

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