Where are Britain’s unluckiest bikers?

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Published on 6 August 2019 by Mike Waters

New research by Carole Nash has found that a biker’s postcode can have a major effect on how likely it is that they will be involved in non-fault accidents.

After analysing 16 years of claims data, it was found that certain postcodes saw disproportionate numbers of non-fault accidents. The top six are all in London, with Harrow (66%), Croydon (59%), Sutton (57%), Enfield (56%), North West London (56%) and Southall (55%) being the worst in the country. Dartford, Rochester, Canterbury and Truro – all on 54% – completed the top ten.

Meanwhile, Galashiels was found to have to lowest rate of non-fault accidents at just 26%. Scotland as a whole was well-represented in the statistics on the lowest rates, with Dundee (29%), Kilmarnock (34%), Falkirk (34%), Aberdeen (34%) and Edinburgh (35%) all having unusually low rates.

The vast amounts of data, which was collected from 2003 to 2018, also revealed other quirks. Septembers were found to be a particularly bad month for non-fault claims, while January saw the fewest – likely a consequence of so many bikers putting their bikes away for winter. Peugeot was found to be the unluckiest manufacturer with a non-fault accident rate of 54%, while KTM was found to be the luckiest with just 24%.

Commenting, Thorneycroft Solicitors Associate Director Mary Lomas said: "It is telling that the highest number of non-fault accidents appears to be in the most populated areas where people may be using the bikes for commuting and convenience on busy roads. Unfortunately, as personal injury lawyers, we see time and time again the devastating effects of non-fault accidents, with the common refrain of 'I just didn’t see them' repeated. While bikers can ensure that they are as safe as possible by attending advanced rider courses and making sure they are wearing the correct equipment, we believe that the onus should also be put on road users in general to take more care. More should be done to educate road users to THINK BIKE, be this in the driving test or through other road safety campaigns. As lawyers, we never ceased to be amazed by number of times cars drivers will try to blame a biker when it's clear isn’t their fault. Helmet and bike cameras are really useful in these circumstances. It is also important that you use a lawyer who is a motorbike specialist such as Thorneycroft's in the event that you are involved in an non-fault accident."

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