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Trailer Information

Motorcycle Trailers Regulation 84 Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986

All motorcycles
A motorcycle may not:-

  • draw more than 1 trailer, carry any passengers in the trailer (unless it is towing a broken down motorcycle)
  • draw a trailer with an unladen weight exceeding 254kg (unless it is towing a broken down motorcycle).
  • Learners cannot tow trailers.

Solo Motorcycles
2 wheel motorcycle without sidecars may not (unless it is towing a broken down motorcycle)
  • If not exceeding 125cc draw any trailer
  • If exceeding 125cc draw a trailer which exceeds 1metre overall width, allow the distance between the rear axle of the motorcycle and the rear of the trailer to exceed 2.5m, draw a trailer, the laden weight of which exceeds two thirds kerbside weight of the motorcycle or a maximum of 150kg
  • and must display kerbside weight on motorcycle unladen weight on trailer. As for Europe.
  • Standard trailer lighting regulations apply including reflective triangles, two for twin wheel trailers and one for single wheel trailers.
  • Also breakdown companies will not give cover for home made chassis. You can buy a factor chassis and put your own bodywork on it. It does not have to be rubber block suspension. Radial arm and telescopic suspension that does not shake up your camping kit so much is available.

Technically if a trailer is legal in the UK it can be used in any other EU country even if trailers are not road legal in that country.  Riders who want to tow trailers across Spain can do so, there are limitations though.

Motorcycles may tow trailers or sidecars only if they do not exceed 50% of the weight of the towing vehicle. Trailers can only be used during daylight and in conditions that guarantee good visibility. The speed of the motorcycle must not exceed 90% of the posted speed limit, and trailers may not in any circumstances be used to transport people.


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