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Thanks from KillSpills

I would like to thank everyone who attended KillSpills final London event on Saturday 20th September. The weather was perfect and everything went to plan, well almost.

The Police did a fantastic job as always and did us proud, as did all our 130 plus riders. We had 106 bikes invited to take part, plus 6 cyclists and one car. However when we arrived at the Ace, a few bikes had turned up on the off chance and a word with the police got the decision we wanted, yes they can join in.

It looked great with everyone wearing a KillSpills Celebration T shirt, red for team, yellow for Marshals and White for guests.

It was also great to meet up with familiar faces and meet some new ones too.

The ride was perfect, it never ceases to amaze me, as we pulled up along Constitution Hill to pick up the cyclists, they were changing the guard at Buckingham Palace, the tourists all turned towards us it was just a sea of faces, tourists were posing by the bikes for photos, everyone was waving, clapping and with the odd cheer thrown in for good measure.

A couple of things didn’t go quite to plan, firstly, there were two demonstration marches taking place at the same time as our celebration ride. The protesters were marching against knife crime, which we agree is a good and worthy cause. This made the Police’s job more difficult and we could not get the ride to do down Whitehall and onto Parliament. Instead, the KillSpills team and Marshal Steve Spence continued to Downing St whilst the riders turned right out of the Mall into Hourseguards.

The second thing that didn’t go to plan was the cyclists tagging along at the end of the run, they got left behind and had to make their own way down the Mall…. Sorry about that guys….. but the police were under instruction to get us in and out as quickly as possible.

Despite this, it was a very successful run, all riders were ambassadors for the motorcycling community, showing that we are caring and responsible road users.

We retraced our way back to the Ace Café with a slight detour along Birdcage walk and round the back of Buckingham Palace, still there were loads of tourists queuing to go into the Royal Mews and they too waved and clapped.

The Police got us all back to the Ace safely and on time, this gave riders an hout to grab a bite to eat before we headed off to the BMF Tail End Show at Peterborough. BMF Chairman Anna Zee led the ride to the show and again we arrived on time. The ride was led to the main arena, where we completed a lap of honour before lining the bikes up in the centre. I must admit at one point I thought we were going to take part in a stunt display, as all the stunt equipment was laid out in the centre of the arena. Thankfully I didn’t have to jump the R1 through a burning hoop…. I’m not too sure how that would have turned out……

We were welcomed by the commentator and KillSpills I made a thank you speech to the BMF and presented Anna Zee with a thank you award from KillSpills and a bunch of flowers.

KillSpills wanted to finish our last ride of our farewell season at the BMF show to thank the BMF for the support they have given us over the years. We were first approached by Jeff Stone back in late 2004, and the KillSpills / BMF link has continued to flourish since then. Jeff has also become a good friend of the KillSpills team.

Now we have not only the BMF backing KillSpills but the IAM as well, this means that we can continue our events into 2009 and we already have some ideas…….. so watch this space……..

What we did on the 20th September, was not a demonstration, it was a celebration of the achievements we have made to date, in doing this, we were able to promote motorcyclists as caring and responsible road users, which like diesel spills is close to the KillSpills teams heart.

I can never thank all the people who help us along the way enough, Our Marshalling team who work hard to deliver each event, Anna, Rachael, Jane, Sam, Andrew, Dave and Jeff from the BMF, Simon, Dave and Ian from the IAM, and my KillSpills team, Jo, Neil, Ash and Michael….. you guys are a real inspiration….. I could not continue without you.



With the support of the Institute Highway Incorporated Engineers KillSpills are conducting a survey of how Local Authorities around the Country render the road safe following a diesel spill. KillSpills aim to submit the initial findings from this survey to the National Motorcycle Council sub groups meeting on the 15th and 16th October.


The accident statistics used below have been provided to KillSpills by the Department for Transport. We thank the Department for providing us with the information we required to compile this section of our report.
The following statistics represent headline data relating to oil /diesel spills:

22 people have died on the roads between 2000 and 2005;
595 serious accidents on the roads between 2000 and 2005;
617 Killed or Seriously Injured accidents on the roads between 2000 and 2005;
3,020 accidents resulting in slight injury between 2000 and 2005;

Oil / Diesel related accidents in 2005 have cost society £33,543,280



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