BMF foundation

The BMF Foundation is a charity designed to fund research and sponsor work to improve the life of the everyday motorcyclist.

Set up in June 2003 (registered charity No. 1097835), the BMF Foundation’s aims and objectives are to:

  1. The advancement of education (including the promotion of research and the dissemination of results) into road safety
  2. Design, development and maintenance of roads
  3. Motorcycle design safety
  4. Design of protective clothing
  5. Causes and prevention of road accidents involving motorcyclists
  6. Treatment of injuries typically suffered by those involved in such accidents
  7. Reduction of crime involving motorcycles, and especially motorcycle theft
  8. Protection of the environment
  9. The sociological aspects of motorcycle use and transportation generally.

These will be addressed mainly by making grants to other organisations to carry out the research, but BMF can also carry out such research through the sponsorship of research projects carried out in academic institutions. As a recent example, the BMF was requested by a government organisation to support the production of guidelines for road designers.


Charitable work in action 

The BMF and its regions have a long association with charitable fundraising from pet food runs to a larger ‘Make A Wish’ rides for the Great Northern Bike Run or with working with Mencap on the National Rally. The BMF also supports Spinal Research with the Spine Ride to BMF events.

The BMF Foundation has a board of unpaid members (the Trustees) and is totally independent from the BMF.

The Foundation can fund work into public road safety and safe practices for all road users, including motorcyclists, passengers and pedestrians.


Making a difference

Fundraising is key to the success of any charity and, of course, we need your help to organise and be part of collections at motorcycling events, sponsored rides or specifically designed fundraising events. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear from you.