Motorcycle safety advice

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Safety is paramount for motorcyclists because, unfortunately, we are vulnerable. Despite being only 1% of road users, motorcyclists make up 20% of road fatalities.

But riding safely doesn't have to take out the fun of riding. Here we have gathered a number of expert tips and guides on how to ride more safely on your motorcycle: from filtering to road conditions and winter maintenance to reducing the stiff pains you might suffer after a long ride. 

Riding tips

From improving your motorcycling to reducing stiff pains when you get off your ride.

motorcycle riding tipsHow to avoid the 5 most common motorcycle accidents

7 tips to reduce motorcycle riding pain

10 tips for safe motorcycle filtering

Confessions of a helmet hoarder



Road conditions for motorcyclists

It is important to be aware of the road's condition and how it affects your riding. Here we offer some things to look out for.

On the surface 6How the road surface can cause motorcycle accidents

Surface dressing: how to ride on newly surfaced roads

What are ‘smart motorways’ and what do they mean for motorcyclists?

What are Intelligent Transportation Systems and how do they affect us?


Winter riding tips

Winter is one of the most dangerous times of the year. With fewer daylight hours and icy conditions, it is important to actively protect both yourself and your motorcycle. Here are some useful BMF guides:

motorcycles snow winter

Winter riding tips

Don't leave your bike in the cold

Riding in winter: Timeless motorcycle maintenance tips from the 1960s

Motorcycling in winter: How to keep riding safely



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