Ride to Work Week 2018


Happening throughout the UK

Run by the Motorcycle Industry Association, this celebration of motorcycling takes place every year and sees special events and workshops taking place throughout the country.

With the longer days and warmer weather, make your commute more enjoyable by doing it on the machine you love. What better way is there to get to work than on your motorcycle?

Ride to Work Week not only celebrates motorcycling of all kinds, it also demonstrates the many advantages of riding to work. Studies have shown that if just 10% of drivers took to two wheels, the total road congestion would be reduced by 40%!

Better yet, according to the Office of National Statistics, motorcyclists are the happiest commuters. Riding saves you time where you’d otherwise be stuck in traffic. Riding saves you money by using less fuel. Riding means it’s easier to park in that tight space at the end of the long ride!

But as a rider already, you know the fantastic benefits of motorcycling. So spread the word and tell your friends, family and work colleagues. Encourage people to try out riding at a free Get On session or get involved in the motorcycling community.

There will be UK-wide events, special offers, biker breakfasts and many other activities taking place across the country.

Find out more of what going on in your area by visiting ridetoworkweek.co.uk.